Dieter and Carlos have finally landed on (a very snowy) Planet Earth!

Hey guys!
Sorry it has been so long since my last post. Stupid Sketchbook Express decided to stop working after I installed updates, so it took me a while to get it back. Anyway….Carlos and Dieter have finally landed … somewhere in America it looks like! Tune it next week to find out more!

P.S. Here’s something for my friend Caitlin out in London ūüôā

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The Journey There

And so our friends are all boarded onto the rocket and off on their adventure to planet Earth. ¬†It’s going to be a long, long trip!

NOTE: My little guys have names! The father’s name is Dieter and his son’s name shall be Carlos. ¬†Thank you Caitlin for picking such super cool names!!!! ūüėÄ


P.S. I think I’m going to start updating this on Wednesdays…so check then!

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Waiting to Board the Rocket

Here is the first part of a little series I’m going to (TRY) and keep up with. Got two new (SO FAR UNNAMED) characters….a father and son. It’s about them and their trip to planet earth. Hope you enjoy it!!!



P.S. Please do NOT steal any of my work. I have worked very hard on these and it takes a lot of time…so please don’t go taking it and claiming it as your own…it’s just not cool.

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The Times They Are A’Changin

Ok…so I haven’t posted in literally forever. ¬†Life has been busy. ¬†Fall 2010 was a semester of change for me…FOR THE GOOD! ¬†I managed to finish out the semester with a 3.58 making Dean’s List and putting myself back on track to be an education major. Also…I quit my old job and have started working at my Dad’s Veterinary Hospital…so all sorts of new, fun adventures that now include puppies and kittens!!!! ^_^

In other new news (hehe…new news….) I just downloaded a new sketchbook client from the mac app store!!!! So expect to see all sorts of new drawings and whatnot on here. I can’t promise too much once school starts, as I’ll be taking 18 credits and 9 classes…with 10 hours of observation fit somewhere in there (HELP!), but i’ll do my best!!!!!!!

Check for updates often!!! Ya never know when somethin will pop up!!!


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Life at Work

So if you’ve noticed I haven’t updated in a while like I said I would.

That’s because I sold my soul to the devil. AKA work. Nah jk I actually love my job, but apparently it doesn’t love me. ¬†The past few times I’ve been at work something has gone wrong at least once, if not twice during the day.

Here are some examples of that:

1.1 (two things went wrong on this day hence the .1) The Murderous Milkshake
So around lunch hour on this certain day, the customer I was attending to ordered a vanilla milkshake. I was quite happy about this for making milkshakes is pretty much the best part of my job.

As I happily headed over to the milkshake making corner of the counter and began making the milkshake, my boss came through the doors with the stuff we put in the ice cream machine to make the ice cream. As she cut open the bag to pour in the stuff, the bag slipped out of her hands and dropped to the floor, splattering the stuff all over the counters, floor, and ME.

1.2 The Burn
So after getting myself all cleaned up from the milkshake mess, I quickly returned to the long line of customers waiting to have their orders taken. Now normally when we have lines such as these we have someone bagging the orders to keep things moving fast (since we are a quick serve restaurant), however on this day, we were a bit understaffed so there was no one bagging.

There is a big heating tray between the kitchen and the serving area in our little place (we are located in a mall food court) so that the kitchen staff can just slide down the food into the places where it goes (there are different sections on the heating tray for nuggets, sandwichs, strips, etc.) and the people taking orders can just grab the food shove it in a bag and serve it.  There are two levels to this contraption, and on the top level the kitchen staff put the kids meal food.

So after taking an order for some kids meal, I quickly ran over to the tray and started bagging my order. As I reached up to grab the little box of nuggets, I had to reach up a little farther since the nuggets had been pushed back. And what do I do? I rest my arm on the heating tray for 3 seconds, and burn myself. Nothing big, just painful enough to hurt the rest of my shift.

2. The Tripping Tray
So a few days later, I was in the back kitchen area getting a quick drink, when my manager walked in and was telling the kitchen staff they needed to clean up some trays they had stacked on the floor because it could be a hazard.

After going back to the front of the store for a little while, someone asked me to change something in their order, so I needed to get the card from my manager that would allow me to do that. ¬†I asked the customer to wait just one moment and then headed to the back to ask for the card. ¬†As I was heading to the manager’s office, my foot met one of the trays that had fallen onto the ground and I slipped landing myself on the floor.

Well lucky for me I have ninja-like reflexes and was able to land in a not so horrible manner, causing only slight bruising and no serious injury. But it left me slightly shaken.

Well… I do have a few more stories to tell but it’s getting late so they will have to be saved for another day. Enjoy those for now! Thanks for reading!

-Erin D.

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Stories of War 1

Private First Class Delaney, after being separated from the the rest of her unit, treks through the forest, risking her very life in the thick of enemy territory.

OH NO! Open Enemy Fire!!!!

But wait….what is that sound??? That doesn’t sound like enemy fire….

Another close victory lost thanks to the Mom….

*Note* I sketched this during my Ed Psych quiz yesterday then drew it out on the computer this morning. Check back later and I will scan the original pictures I drew on my quiz and put them up.

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For my dear Wife, Michelle. This so beats the monkey wrench.

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